Beth Rosenblum


  • Since Beth was 16 years old, she has been a healer – as a massage therapist, and yoga, meditation and fitness instructor, with life changing results for her clients.
  • American Council of Exercise Certified Group Fitness Teacher
  • American Council of Exercise Certified Senior Fitness Specialist

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What our clients say

Beth’s Mobility & Meditation class is something I look forward to every week. The movement is gentle but effective, and I feel both relaxed and energized afterward. And the guided breathing and meditation puts me in a wonderful state of mind.


Prior to taking the Mobility and Meditation class in July, I had never considered myself as a “meditator.” Four months later, however, I have gained an appreciation for a process that prepares us physically and mentally to appreciate all of the good in our lives and to deal with problems and issues which affect us personally. The mobility exercises, which are varied and creative, limber us up for a time to relax, reflect and meditate. I come out of these sessions each week ready to take on the world!


As a teacher, Beth demonstrates mindfulness in her practice. As an instructor, she demonstrates with a great deal of grace. I have found her class to be very beneficial as she combines mobility movement with breathing exercises in addition to meditation. This is a great way to start any day.


I’ve been attending Beth’s soothing and energizing Saturday Meditation and Mobility class for several months, and it is now an essential part of my Saturday mornings. I enjoy the gentle stretching exercises for my neck and shoulders, especially since I spend so much time now at my laptop. I am new to meditation, but I find it very peaceful, and love the deep breathing exercises. So grateful for Beth and this lovely class, highly recommend it


I’ve been participating in Beth’s Mobility and Meditation class regularly since the onset of the pandemic. I would encourage anyone who is interested in engaging in an awesome holistic experience to join her class. It is very soothing, enriching and quite comforting! I look forward to it and it’s the highlight of my Saturday!!


Lush Life

What Makes Us Unique

  • Lush Life is your meditation facilitator and accountability partner.
  • We incorporate mindfulness practices of gratitude and manifestation overtly in each of our sessions.
  • Use your body as an ally to easily access the calm, healing and joy of meditation.
  • You will react calmer, strengthening personal and professional relationships, quickly moving isolation and despair to stability, connectedness and love.
  • You will sleep better, be healthier and lessen adrenal fatigue, living in clarity with true power and flow.
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Royal Pigeon Pose (Rajakapotasana)

Choose Your Solution for Your Mind ~ Body Immersion into Calmness and Joy

Each of Lush Life’s classes provide a unique combination of Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness. Mindfulness practices include gratitude and manifestation. Customization is available to suit your goals and experience levels. Call Beth at 831-915-2357 or email​ ​ to discuss your desired experience and get a price quote. All offerings except Elemental Immersion and Day Spa are available virtually.

FREE Movement ~ Meditation ~ Mindfulness Zoom Group Classes

Underwritten by Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital’s Health Promotions Department, so FREE to you, anywhere in the country!!

Tuesday 7:30-8:15am PST Register Here

Thursday 10:30-11:30am PST Register Here

Saturday 9:30-10:30am PST Register Here

Individual Movement, Meditation & Mindfulness Sessions

Customize your Lush Life experience with the right fit for your goals. Each Class includes Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness components customized to your goals and experience levels. Movement can range from mobility and balance, to mobility cardio and core. Obtain maximum customization and direction with individual classes.

Group Movement, Meditation & Mindfulness Sessions

Enjoy Lush Life as both facilitator and accountability partner so that you continue your journey of health and peace from the inside out. Experience wonderful long term benefits to your health, reduced stress levels and greater enjoyment of life with ongoing, group sessions.

Expecting and New Mom Mobility, Meditation & Mindfulness

Deep relaxation and peace is so important for Mother, child or fetus and family well being. Move from distraction and overwhelm to deeply calm, centered and soul nourished. Meditation during pregnancy assists in avoiding preterm and low birth weight and provides you with a blueprint for a calm and peaceful birth.

Elemental ​ Immersion

Leverage the beauty Monterey County has to offer by enjoying beach, trail or hill areas for your exercise, some areas that only a local would know! Combine this guided outdoor exploration with Lush Life’s unique 3M techniques – Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness.

Day Spa​

Enjoy a soulfully inspired massage with Beth’s great healing hands. Combine this with a uniquely curated experience (might include essential oils, goddess cards, breathing…) to create or replenish your soul nourished life.

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      We Would Love to Hear From You

        Free Gift: 5 Simple Practices to Live the Lush Life Everyday

          To Schedule a Session, please call 831-915-2357 or

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